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Bugera V22 Review


The Bugera V22 is a guitar amp that is significantly underpriced. This is not our opinion in any way. We are just reverberating what countless satisfied customers say. Read our Bugera V22 review to figure out what makes it the best one in the price range and beyond the price range it sits in.

For those who don’t know much about stuff like this: The Bugera V22 is primarily for guitar players who dig tube amps. A tube amp, or amplifier, is a tubes-based amplifier, and it gives a warmer sound than a regular amp. The job of a guitar amp is to give that boost to guitar output that’s necessary to differentiate concert-quality production music from feeble, normal guitar music.

There is a lot to talk about in the Bugera V22. In the next section, we will see all the details and specs. We will also see how these details and specs are implemented and how can they work for an average guitar player or music lover. Sit tight and follow along.

Bugera V22: Details and specs

First and foremost: the Bugera V22 is a tube amp. A tube amp might not be as popular digital or transistors-based amps but there are certain qualities that make them better. For example, speaker matching is easier with the tube amps. Further, tube amps deliver better quality audio than solid-states — however that’s arguable and we don’t want to get in the nasty business of comparing the two. We’ll make do with saying that some prefer the tubes while some prefer the solid states based on their own reasons when it comes to choosing higher quality audio.

bugera v22 review

There are three 12AX7 tubes to cover all frequencies from old rock to blues. The V22 offers a traditional 2-channel preamp design that was popular around the 1960’s. The tube-based music is authentic and vintage. The audio output from tube amps is analog and has a richer experience (again, it’s arguable). Two EL84 tubes drive the 22 Watt guitar combo. The combo is hand-built and built to last.

The last thing we would like to talk about in the details section is the look and feel. With its vintage form and look, the V22 can easily charm any music lover. The looks are truly classic and premium.

There are tons of options to tweak your sound, as you would expect. Some essential options include a drive channel, presence control, digital reverb, three EQ, and a mid boost. Together, they make sure your guitar output is amplified the way it’s meant to be.

The sound quality and the speaker power

Now, the sound factor is such a significant one here that we had to dedicate a whole section to it. The sound is great. It’s rich at the same time. If you are looking for excellent amplification for your audio, the speakers won’t disappoint. Testing it in multiple situations and settings, we figured out it had a lot of power.

Now, let’s get a bit technical.

The speaker with the V22 is a 12-inches Turbosound — a professional and popular loudspeaker brand that manufactures fill ranges of state-of-the-art speakers with. If we talk about the loudness of the sound, then there’s just one thing you need to know: the V22 is overpowered. For a 22 Watt amp, the sound V22 delivers is unbelievable. We were not surprised because we have experience in the past with the V22 (before we actually purchased and used it). But if you haven’t listened to V22-amplified music before, your mind will be blown by the impressive sound it delivers.

How well does it fare?

The ratings of the Bugera V22 are skyrocketing high. On Amazon, it sits at 4.3 stars out of 5 with 70% people calling it a full five-star product. Also on other forums, online music-related communities, and consumer boards full of people passionate about music — the Bugera V22 stands out from the crowd.

People love the quality it delivers. There is no beating the price. Besides the quality and the price point, Bugera V22 offers more. It has a huge array of controls. Many input and output options — and everything in between.

People also love the look and feel. It’s premium and vintage. It looks much costlier than it is. If we were given a chance to put a price tag as if it was a new product in the market, the price would be easily in the $600 to $700 range.

Wrapping up our Bugera V22 review

In a nutshell, the Bugera V22 is a beast and a much-loved one. Such products aren’t rare in the music industry — whether we talk guitars or recording equipment or amps like this one. We couldn’t find any shortcoming or problem. That’s the Bugera V22 for you.

Why has our review remained positive throughout? If you need to double-check our all-good intention regarding the V22, you can easily do that if you meet people experienced with guitars. They will tell how the V22 is perhaps the best tube amp for under $500.

All in all, the V22 is a great performance equipment that will reshape how you do your music. Wholeheartedly recommended.