Fulltone OCD Review


The Fulltone OCD is a distortion foot pedal. The quality the OCD can deliver is quite easily unbeatable. Especially in this price range, this is the best pedal that you can get. Go through our Fulltone OCD review to find out why we consider it the best.

Fulltone OCD: Details and specs

The Fulltone OCD is highly versatile — that’s the first thing we would like to tell. It can give a lot of effects quite perfectly. We had to get a hired guitarist to put all the effects to test as our own guitarist wasn’t available and her reviews were along the lines of what people say. From metal down to blues — the foot pedal is perfect for everything.

fulltone ocd review

With true bypass, OCD is a true beast among the foot pedals. It beats them right out of the water. It works best with tube amps. You can get it to work with solid state ones, but we won’t recommend clubbing the OCD with them. The texture can only be truly realized with the combination of a tube amp and the Fulltone OCD foot pedal.

The Fulltone OCD can be either connected to a 9v or an 18v power supply. Connecting it to an 18v will give a better overdrive among other benefits. If you feel like experimenting, do it with the 18v mostly.

The Fulltone OCD comes with a powerful overdrive feature. Many amps can’t do much about the overdrive. Therefore, you don’t get the exact quality that you desire. But once you get yourself a powerful and high-quality foot pedal like the Fulltone OCD, you will have no problems in getting the overdrives that you want.

How well does it fare?

The rating of the Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal is 4.6 out of 5 stars. 87% of the customers have given itĀ full five-stars. Seemingly, there’s nothing much wrong with the pedal. Nothing much to dislike. And absolutely no lack in performance and function.

People who have purchased the Fulltone OCD know that they could not have made any better decision than this. The Fulltone OCD comes with a roster of useful options and add-ons that make the entire experience of doing music way better. You can feel the improvement in the sound and the ease with which you attain it.

Customers of the Fulltone OCD also take the factor of the overdrive quality. With the OCD, you get amazing overdrive (as mentioned in the details and specs section above), and this becomes a very big reason behind the positive feedback of the customers.

Wrapping up the Fulltone OCD review

The new version of the Fulltone OCD is a fair update over the original one. Many features have improved significantly and many new ones have been added that work subtly in the background. Check for the Made in USA label to confirm that your model is the new version.

One thing we will recommend is purchasing some additional cable with the OCD (instrument cable). If you can, buy a pedal power supply of 18v as well — you will feel like you’ve unlocked the true potential of the foot pedal.

All that being said and reviewed, the Fulltone OCD is not one of the best, but the best foot pedal for distortion and overdrive (sweet or harsh).