Kustom Amp Review


The Kustom Defender All Tube is a single channel, 50 Watts tube-based guitar amp. The main thing that we love about the Defender is that you get the vintage quality and the necessary power for a lot less money than you would need to spend if you went for a tube-based amp on the higher end of the market. Read our Kustom amp review and you will find out what makes it one of the most powerful amps out there.

Kustom Defender All Tube: Details and specs

With an array of features like a great reverb, the Kustom Defender is easily a great option for guitarists. The tubes can be switched between with the flip of a switch, making transformations faster. There is a volume boost function that can give you up to a 10 dB boost.

The amp works beautifully (and this is a special mention) in low volume overdrive.

Using the Kustom Defender is like a knife through butter. Very easy, intuitive, and to-the-point. No unnecessary features and no technical specs to sift through. The interface is very clear and can be easily navigated.

The general tone of the amp is warm. This helps bring out the texture in many kinds of live performances. So, if you are a guitarist who needs to perform live a lot, like in concerts, then the Kustom Defender is a great choice as an amp for you.

The amp is relatively cheaper than most others that give these features (but also has a lower quality sound than those). The loudness will never disappoint you, even if you are a guitarist who likes it very rough. The Kustom Defender is made to cope with such kinds of usage and can perfectly well do the same. There are no concerns regarding its handling of pickups and overdrives.

kustom amp review

The controls are what make it easier for us to use the amp. For example, if you engage the master volume, then the volume knob becomes the gain knob. These features might be present in other amps, but what we are talking about here is not the number of features, but how well are they administered.

How well does it fare?

People using the Kustom Defender got it because they needed good quality sound at a low price. But once they are using it for a while, they start to understand what great benefits lie beneath. There are tons of good points about the Defender that customers love. Further, the customer feedback also reflects a strong recommendation tone.

People surely love the Defender for its quality, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Wrapping up our Kustom Amp review

This Kustom amp is exactly what you need to up your game one step. This is a high-quality amp for your guitar that is only beaten by high-end amps that are much costlier than it. The Kustom Defender delivers absolutely charming tones. It has a great reverb function as well. Slowly, you will start loving the sound it can give.

The Defender is also much-loved and used. All in all, the Defender is one of the best options out there if you want an amp that can deliver high-quality sound while still being cheap.