Line 6 M9 Review


Welcome to our Line 6 M9 review. The M9 is a modeler or guitar multi-effects pedal. What it essentially means is that the Line 6 M9 is used to add effects to your typical guitar output. It is not an amp for boosting your guitar audio signal. It’s a modeler to model (or alter) the waveform of your guitar output.

The M9 has been on the market for too long now. They have seen what people like and what they don’t. Building up from the inspiration, Line 6 has updated their M9 more often than we know and it has certainly improved the quality it delivers significantly.

line 6 m9 review

Right now, the Line 6 M9 is one of the best pedals you can get for effects out there. Easy to use, versatile, customizable, and powerful. It’s a package loaded with features that you will love. However, it does come with certain problems of its own that we found during our tests. Only after knowing all that there is can you think of buying it or buying something else.

Line 6 M9: Details and specs

There are many input and output options for connectivity in the Line 6 M9. There is also a couple of quarter pedal jacks. The addition of true bypass makes the modeler much better.

There are more than 75 effects to choose from. You can create as many as six six pedal boards so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of creating one for every performance that requires something else.

From sweet to harsh — there is an effect for every tone you need. These effects are assorted by the feedback from the Line 6 line of best-selling modelers so you can rest assured that you are getting the best.

You can go for up to three effects at once. That is what makes the Line 6 M9 a true multiFX pedal. You can further create “scenes” that can be transferred to and from your computer (through a MIDI port).

How well does it fare?

The Line 6 M9 modeler has four out of five stars on Amazon. Mostly, modelers don’t have this kind of rating. This places the M9 on the higher end of the spectrum. The versatility is the primary thing people love about the M9. Most of the positive reviews come for the power it delivers.

Usually, the target customers for the Line 6 M9 are the stage performers who perform live in concerts or elsewhere. They need the customization it offers more than others. And based on their reviews, it could easily be said that the job M9 does is close to perfect.

Wrapping up the Line 6 M9 review

In our review of the Line 6 M9, you must have found a lot of useful information. The more important thing is that now you know whether you should be buying the M9 or not for your own use.

We would recommend it if you want to take your music to the next level, whether you are a performer or a recording artist. Using the M9 has been game changing for many we know, and could prove to be the same for you as well.