Orange Amp Review


The Orange amp is easily one of the best-selling guitar amps out there. With a 20 watt power, you can expect great audio from it. Also, the product we purchased (and are reviewing) is a combo. The combo includes a free cable bundle which is extremely useful for live performers and concert performances. Still, read our Orange amp review — there might be something you don’t prefer.

orange amp review

One thing we like to tell before any discussion about Orange products is that Orange is a brand that we respect for their originality. This adds a whole new dimension to their products (not all of them, but this guitar amp is surely one of them).

Orange Crush Amp: Details and specs

This is a 2-channel amp with an output power of 20 watts (stock 8-inches speakers of Orange, which we would have liked to be replaced with some other brand). The amp features the usual 3 band EQ.

We also loved the material of the amp. The grille cloth is woven, giving it an antique feeling (we would avoid calling that little tidbit vintage because it’s not even that classic). The outsides are vinyl (Orange’s own design).

The amp has loads of different options on the top panel: phones output, AUX in, channel selection, dirty volume, treble, mid, bass, dirty gain, clean volume, and instrument input.

The preamp has a high gain, making your guitar overdrives all the more powerful. It also improves the quality of your pickups. To further complement the quality, the Orange Crush amp comes with a build that includes the best in the industry gear to adjust the sound and manipulate your guitar audio.

The output is really great. However, even with the assurance of the brand about the “balance” of the audio, we were not quite satisfied with the amp’s speakers. Still, at this price point, the Orange is a good choice even if that entails buying another trivial equipment for filling in the holes.

How well does it fare?

The Orange Crush 20w Amp has a rating of 4.3 stars with 80% of people voting it a full five-star. Need we say anything more? The Crush has such a good rating because of its features and also for its value for money. You will see that it’s one of the best on the market.

People have made good use of the recent price cut. That means more customers have experienced and enjoyed working with the Orange amp, making the ratings even more accurate.

Wrapping up our Orange Amp review

The Orange Amp, in our view, doesn’t become a winner by its quality. It has a different weapon up its sleeve — a variety of features that ease the whole process of making music. This is loved by the customers and we can see why.

With tons of great benefits and features, this amp from Orange is one of the best companions for your guitar and career as well. Weighing close to 16 pounds, the amp is very portable. Even if you face difficulties, there’s the free cable that you get with it to get around the problem.

All in all, the Orange amp is a great product at a great price and you will love it.