Quilter Amp Review


The Quilter Aviator Gold 100 Watt 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp is a premium guitar amplifier that costs a hefty sum. It’s not for everyone. What we are talking about here is a piece of professional musical equipment that serious musicians need. If you are a serious musician and have the bucks to spend on it, know that you won’t regret it. In our Quilter amp review, we will see common pros and cons of the product, as well as going over the implementation of the details and specs.

quilter amp review

Quilter Aviator Gold: Details and specs

The cabinet is what we will discuss first. Quilter also wants you to put special focus on their cabinet first, so we thought why not accomplish their wish. So, in general, the cabinet is small but incredibly powerful. The cabinet is the reason behind the success of the Aviator 8. It enables the amp to pack tons of power within a small shell.

The sound quality is just amazing. The Aviator uses Celestion’s high-end audio driver — and that’s also why it can easily compete with popular tube amps.

The clarity is the next thing we will comment on. This amp has already been so good on so many different fronts and levels and yet here’s one more fact that we will let you on. The sound is super-clean and any guitarist will just love it.

It’s very light. It’s fairly lighter than most amps out there, and that’s noticeable. The Aviator also fits really well into small spaces and can easily be ported along with all your other musical gear, making it a prime option for you when you need to be on the go and perform on stages that have more mismanagement than they have comfort.

How well does it fare?

Not everyone uses the Quilter 100 Watt. It’s more or less a premium option that you can only invest in if you have a serious career ahead of you. People love the Aviator Gold for its true features: the clean sound and the power packed inside this little devil.

Right now, there are just two ratings on Amazon giving it a 5 out of 5 rating. The Quilter Aviator Gold is a beast and packs a lot of power inside its fairly small shell. In most of the online communities that we have started a discussion about the Aviator in the past, we saw that people have generally been surprised or even shocked by the power this devil delivers.

Wrapping up the Quilter amp review

Quilter is the correct option for you if you don’t want to compromise on the quality and want to buy a premium amp for your use. The last thing Quilter Aviator does is disappoint you, trust us. There is just no reason in the world for not considering buying it if you can.

The 100 Watt Aviator Gold supplies a whopping deal of sound, needless to say. The cabinet is small, the speaker is strong, and the quality is just amazing. Aviator has what it takes to win the heart of millions of guitarists of the world.